Cosmos has state of the art latest machines, which facilitate the production of the best quality

Human Drugs

Cosmos produces more than 30 formulation to take care of wide variety of needs please go through our catalog to check the range... Read More

Veterinary Range

Cosmos produces drugs for the Veterinary purpose, they include Anthelmintics, Poultry Health Products, Pet Care Products, General Animal Healthcare Products, Vitamins & Mineral Supplements.. Read More

Quality Control

At Cosmos we take special care in making sure that our products meet the standards that Africa expects from Us... Read More

Avoid Diabetes

In the past 30 years, the prevlence of Diabetes Type 2 has skyrocketed to the point where it is now viewed as an epidemic in the western world. From being a once fairly mild and rare ailment of the elderly to becomeing a chronic disease, diabetes mellitus affects people of every age, race, and background, and is now a major modern cause of premature death in many countries around the world... to know more about diabetes and how to avoid it please download and to understand more about how to deal with Diabetes please download Read more...

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Head Office

Cosmos Limited.
P.O. Box 41433, GPO 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254(20)550700-9
Fax +254(20)550680/532948
Cell No: +254 (0) 722 333 834/ +254 (0) 733 666 834

Our Distributors

Multiphar Ltd
B.P 627, 29, Av de l’Amitie, Bujumbura

Multiphar Ltd
Route de Muhima, Kigali

Mak Medics Ltd
Plot no.27, Block J, Seith Benjamin Street, P.O BOX 11060, ARUSHA,

Astra Pharma (U) Ltd
P O Box 7840, Airway Building , Plot-6, COLVILLE Street, Kampala